DCJS #88-1503
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Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) concealed weapons qualifications are provided through CJSI-VA (DCJS #88-1503). Qualifications are by appointment only. Call 757-872-4132 for more information.

Any student needing additional copies of completion forms and certificates will be charged $10 per class.

At CJSI-VA, classroom instruction includes fingerprints and photo. This will be completed during the class. Individuals not taking class with us will be charged $10 for fingerprints and $10 for photo. Call 757-872-4132 to set up an appointment.

Range fees are included in the cost of all firearms training.  Student firearm rentals are available for $5.00 per gun.

Any student wishing to qualify with more than one handgun will be charged an additional $20 per handgun.

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Off-Site Training
CJSI-VA can also train your personnel at your location for a nominal fee.  A minimum number of students and a minimum eight day notification prior to the class is required.  Please contact us for details.

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02E - Private Investigator

"A "Private investigator" means any natural person who engages in the business of, or accepts employment to make, investigations to obtain information on (i) crimes or civil wrongs; (ii) the location, disposition, or recovery of stolen property; (iii) the cause of accidents, fires, damages, or injuries to persons or to property; or (iv) evidence to be used before any court, board, officer, or investigative committee." (Source: https://www.dcjs.virginia.gov/licensure-and-regulatory-affairs/private-security-services-individual )


CJSI Tuition: $600.00

Hours of Training: 60 hours "Plus 2 hours of pratical exercises, role-playing, comprehensive exam, and review.


Curriculum: view outline


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Registration: To register in the state of Virginia as a Private Investigator, you must meet the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice guidelines, satisfactorily complete the 02E course (or 02I for In-Service registrants) with a grade of 70% or greater and submit the appropriate Virginia DCJS fees and forms which will be explained during the administration portion of the course.


02I - Private Investigator In-Service

Private Investigator In-Service training must be completed every 24 months, prior to expiration.  As with the entry level course, all appropriate Virginia DCJS forms and fees must be submitted to successfully re-qualify as a Private Investigator.


CJSI Tuition: $150.00

Hours of Training: 8


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